Love Spell to Attract a Specific Person. Is It Worth It?

Images of the fairy Godmother and Cinderella, the sacrificial Mermaid and other fairytale characters of childhood continue to fill in the adult state not only women’s souls… let’s see together how this path leads to happiness and what is its real value.

All this magical battlefield is always covered with a veil of mystery and hidden meanings of all participants. Names, addresses, passwords, appearances of “strong specialists” are transferred only to the closest friends and girlfriends. The fact of the address is kept in the strictest secrecy and … variants of development of events are unpredictable. After all, many people think the same way as the heroine of the newest magic blockbuster Quinny said: “what’s wrong with the fact that I want to get married?»

love spell to attract a specific person

Consider the most successful version of love Magic: spell, “black wedding” or other negative energy impact on the response feelings worked, and each got his own: specialist recieves cash reward (from 10 to 300 thousand rubles), the client gets the loved one with full authority.

It would seem, a happy ending?
It may be… But one has only to think deeply

Does It Worth It?

  1. as the ancient saying goes: “a thief can escape punishment, but cannot escape the fear of being caught.” Stolen in this case, the free will of the object of passion. In fact, the entire life of the Customer magic effects will not even worry that the magic may end sooner or later. The greater fear is that the truth of their “happy marriage” will be revealed. And not only “love”, but everyone around me – parents, friends, acquaintances at work and…. No one will burn at the stake, but the attitude of the majority will change dramatically to the Customer.
  2. free will of any soul is one of the highest and immutable laws. And God is not so important, is deprived of her people by the social laws and rules, or covertly-magically – karmic retribution will be a mirror. In a wise proportion – to the Customer and the Contractor. And it is always better to consider specific examples…

There are periodic news about the maniacs who for decades keep their victims in some basement, in sexual slavery…

Or a nice person nothing like the bad does, and he is constantly bombarded with all the negative energy impact that only you can “hook up” in the world. He seems to be without skin feels even very long distance.

Hmm… so what did all those people in previous lives, they had this very unpleasant situation?

Description of the magic wars would obviously be not complete without a description of the role of those who consider themselves “light warriors”, and in this battle stands on the other side. Those relatives and acquaintances who see and feel that… their close obviously deprived of freedom of will. Their son, brother, beloved (rarely daughter, sister and beloved) not to know – he/and has changed/as and “himself/and not its/I.”. … And start no less fierce and energetic, financial and karmasutra action of cleansing and protection.

In this case, the “beloved” as he was, and remains an object without his own will – a puppet, which, of course, does not want anything and does not understand. Still – “like this”!!!! And it urgently needs to be rescued!

And because your own skills, like newt who saved Jacob in the “Fantastic creatures-2″, most compassionate not, then… they turn to the same or similar Experts in combat and magic magic.

Everything seems to be very commendable and correct. And, in theory, should give a good karmic experience. But here always the main thing is the question of methods. Without their own competencies in the mechanisms of” saving actions ” many can only trust verbal admonitions and examples of past work of a Specialist.

The question remains: how to solve this issue harmoniously? either side?


winning the “love” the Customer receives a kind of weak-willed pale shadow of the person who wanted/a
The customer will be the last to deceive himself that did/and right, for the common good, and nothing to her/him for it will no longer
The customer will regularly to see that with “favorite/Oh” something is wrong and actually she was expecting and from my marriage and other relationships, but… will not be able to change anything.
If your favorite/CSOs pure karma and strong energy, almost any magical effect will be futile but… the responsibility comes for trying – about as well as for attempting to violate anyone’s sexual freedom. Alas…
Any of the parties to get rid not only of a significant amount of money, but also from a fair amount of good karma, its own energy and the success of the life scenario.
The answer is simple. Will a person bewitch, if it is the other sincerely and truly selflessly love or at least respect? Will a reasonable person, without permission, manipulate another adult (for his own good) without his own understanding of the deep karmic and energy mechanisms? And operate with a scalpel without knowledge of anatomy will?

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